While many lobby and advocacy (L&A) efforts are targeting the national and international levels, little seems to be done to build L&A capacity at a community level. How can we then expect persons with disabilities to raise their voices against rights violations encountered in the community? Enablement and the Liliane Foundation joined hands to bridge this gap. We designed a tool that will help all level actors to engage in lobby and advocacy for disability rights.

7 Steps to ADVOCATE 

This 7-step approach guides you through the process from analysis to advocacy action. It is a cyclic process applicable to all kinds of disability rights violations, from the grassroots to (inter) national level. Advocacy efforts can only be effective after all if they are strategically planned and performed.

Advocacy for Disability Rights Course

We designed a 5-day course to accommodate practitioners, including persons with disabilities, in using this tool. The course consists of a range of participatory assignments, making use of numerous case studies and documentaries, all following the 7-step ADVOCATE acronym. A 10-day training of trainers’ course is available dedicated to certifying trainers to facilitate this course. Practitioners are encouraged to apply the ADVOCATE methodology to their own lived experiences and to add their case study material to the database, thus building up a global resource base. The ADRC manual can be downloaded here. Download the report of the pilot ADRC course held in Tanzania in 2016.

Disability and Human Rights publication

Experienced by more than one billion people worldwide, disability is increasingly recognised as a human rights issue internationally. Enablement contributed a chapter to the new publication "Disability and Human Rights", which draws on cutting-edge international research and real-life examples to explore the global dimension of disability and to critically review progress on the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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