Fundraiser for Enablement-Nepal

Fundraiser for Enablement-Nepal

June 3, 2021
Léa Guignard
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In the past year, COVID-19 has without a doubt, affected people around the world, including Nepal. Without fail, certain groups are still being disproportionately impacted. This is the case of vulnerable groups such as those with a disability, who continue to be left behind. With continued lack of access to essential services, imposed lockdowns and thus the inability to conduct home visits, people with disabilities and their caregivers are more than ever left to their own devices. Many persons with disabilities depend on support and services that have been put off and may not have got enough money to store food, medicines and other basic needs, and are thus being pushed towards greater vulnerability and poverty with their families. Because of this, Enablement-Nepal, with the support of Enablement Ltd. (Netherlands), is seeking to continue developing materials to support people with disabilities and their caregivers in their daily life whilst in the confinement of their home.

To help with the fundraiser, please visit the following link, share with your networks, and donate if you can.

Thank you in advance!

The Enablement and Enablement-Nepal teams.

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