PIE is a new participatory approach for evaluating outcomes and impact of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programmes.

PIE provides a structured but flexible approach for collecting and analysing information about the real changes that CBR has had on the lives of people with disabilities.

The PIE toolkit includes a range of tools (see infographic): supports the whole evaluation process from planning; data collection (from a broad spectrum of CBR players), to data analysis, validation and report writing thus providing a very in-depth impact evaluation. However the approach is flexible so a selection of the tools can be chosen depending on the depth of information required and the specifications of the evaluation, context and resources available.

The evaluation process is seen as one which provides an opportunity to learn about what is going well as well as what needs to change, so it leads into a process of future planning. Find here a snapshot of the entire process.

Find free downloads of the handbook and all tools below.

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