The association for people with disabilities (APD) is an NGO in Bangalore (India) that considers the rehabilitation and livelihood skills of people with disabilities. ADP runs several rural and urban community programs for the provision of mobility aids, inclusive education, vocational training, and training in horticulture.

Ramesh is a thirty-year-old man who works as a gardener at a nursery. Considering that as a child he had cerebral palsy and therefore could not go to school, it seems surprising that he is an employed man nowadays. Ramesh indeed struggled to get a job and to be self-reliant for a long time. At the age of thirty, hey heard about the horticulture program or ADP.

During nine months of training by ADP, Ramesh not only learned how to cultivate herbs but also how to maintain a business, all of which improved his independence and self-esteem. Ramesh has been employed as a gardener since 2010, is provided free accommodation, a meal and a salary of 3500 Indian rupees (US $ 55).

Agricultural and water management training can be the beginning of a long process to engage people with disabilities in employment in order to sustain their livelihood and independence. The outcomes of small-scale projects are a useful starting point for inclusion in mainstream large-scale agricultural programs.

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