Kyaw Thu Htwe (31 years old and having a hearing impairment) lives in Phayar Hnitsue village, Taungoo township. Together with his family, he is farming and running a barber shop in the village. Despite being deaf, Kyaw Thu Htwe is eager to work.  

One day, he met Job Placement Coach (JPC) Ma Thida Myint, with whom he explored employment opportunities and possibilities to attend vocational skills training. After he expressed his interests in electronics, the JPC brought him in contact with a Copy and Electronic Product Maintenance Workshop. This company is founded and managed by a person with a disability, who gave Kyaw Thu Htwe skills training.

Nowadays Kyaw Thu Htwe is running a small shop from home, where he repairs and maintains electronic devices. Through these activities, his income increased and Kyaw Thu Htwe and his family are doing well.    

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