CBM and Addis Development Vision initiated an irrigated agriculture project in 2014 for people with disabilities.

Currently, 16 farmers (male and female) are daily involved in managing the farm. During the dry season, water is being diverted from the main river to the crops, using traditional irrigation techniques. During the rainy season, to avoid floods, the farmers make use of self-constructed flood protection measures made from stones.

The group has the policy that a person does whatever she/he can do. Sometimes, family members help out as well. The farmers furthermore manage their group income in case new equipment or seeds need to be bought, as well as taking account for possible emergencies or misfortunes. Everyone gets an equal part of the harvest to sell or for their own consumption. In the future, the farmers want to cultivate stable fruits trees and sugar cane.

In this case study people with disability are actively engaged in cultivating their crops, diverting water and constructing flood protection measures. While such projects have a lot of merit, the dream of MetaMeta and Enablement is to see the mainstream large-scale agriculture to become disability inclusive. 

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