The Menegesha social farm is part of the rehabilitation services that Cheshire Ethiopia provides to people with disabilities to help them recover from surgery.

The farm has the aim to show both children and adults that there are different opportunities to engage in income generating activities in a rural context, which do not require very physical work. Menegesha’s farm activities focus on home gardens with seasonal crops, a variety of herbs and fruit trees. Animals are also kept, such as chickens, pigs, goats, cows, fish and bees for honey production. Furthermore, Cheshire Ethiopia often organises workshops for both patients and the community on aquaculture, animal grazing, and the production of dairy products.

In this project, people with disabilities are taught how to engage in agricultural income generating activities. The proposed farming activities are innovative and low in intensity. Bee keeping, fish ponds, and the cultivation of herbs and crops can be a good source of income and they do not require heavy labour. Social farming also represents a new opportunity for farmers to deliver alternative services and to diversify the scope of their activities, thereby having a multi-functional role in society. 

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