The RehApp awarded by the Zero Project 2021!

The RehApp awarded by the Zero Project 2021!

December 3, 2020
Léa Guignard
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The Zero Project presents its 82 Awardees 2021 on Employment and ICT. Three groups have been defined for Awardees in employment, defined by the background of the awarded organizations (Business Sector, Civil Society and Public Sector). Within each of the four groups, Awardees are sorted by country of implementation, contain a short description and a link to the organization. Factsheets and further information are currently being researched and written, and will be uploaded to www.zeroproject.org in January 2021.

The RehApp factsheet can be accessed here.

The RehApp is a free app that supports fieldworkers in low-income countries to provide effective rehabilitation services to people with disabilities. The app provides specialist information and options for interventions developed by more than 70 disability experts. In 2020 there were 200 users.

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