The tenth RehApp newsletter

The tenth RehApp newsletter

December 3, 2021
Léa Guignard
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Dear stakeholders involved in the RehApp developments. Today, on World Disability Day, we would like to provide you with the tenth update on the RehApp. We hope that this day and the international actions taken to celebrate it will continue to contribute to a more egalitarian society, and wish the same for the RehApp.

In our last update, we informed you about the Content Management System (CMS) we were building to become more independent in our app development and content upload. Although this has been a long development, with this last year being spent almost entirely on this, we are finally nearing the end. The CMS is close to being ready, with all illustrations and English content having been uploaded. The RehApp team is currently busy finalising the flow for the new interactive part of the app, whereby the users (fieldworkers) will be able to add secured client files for monitoring purposes. Within the next couple of months, we will also be working closely with our various partners to upload their translations of the chapters into the CMS, so as to ensure that the RehApp 2.0 is not only available in English but also in French, Portuguese, Nepali, Tajik, Khmer, Vietnamese, Amharic, and many others upon its release.

In line with this, we have started working with CARITAS Cambodia (with funding from CARITAS Germany) this year on the development of specific chapters, primarily for Cambodian partners. English and Khmer e-learning materials on various subjects related to disability, development and rehabilitation, are also under development. Roelie Wolting, a long-time Enablement associate, plays a managerial role in these developments which are part of a larger digitisation process.

We have also been asked by Humanity & Inclusion to assist in the development of translations for several Afghan languages. The same applies to Myanmar, where Burmese translations will be carried out for several chapters as part of the ReLAB-HS programme in Myanmar.

As mentioned in the ninth newsletter, we have continued developing new content. Our chapters on Spina Bifida, Dementia, Albinism and Intellectual Disabilities have been drafted and are ready to be translated for piloting. Chapters on Epilepsy, Down Syndrome and Autism will soon follow. Again, should you readers have any interest in translating or piloting a specific chapter(s), do not hesitate to contact us!

Last but not least, we realise that research and evidence are highly necessary. For this, we plan on having a few partners pilot the new version of the app in February 2022, to gather anecdotes and feedback in preparation for the official RehApp 2.0 launch, which we expect to happen towards the end of the first quarter. This launch will involve our donors, partners and developers, in order to critically reflect on this development and discuss the next steps. Parallel to this, we also have several research projects in the pipeline, with TLM Nigeria and the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences of the University of Jos in Nigeria, the Karuna Foundation in Nepal, Atma Jaya University in Indonesia, and Utrecht University and Global Health Inclusive for pilots in Bangladesh and India.

Although this has been an extensive and ambitious process, we are enthusiastic about the result and are eager to release the RehApp 2.0 for our partners to begin using it!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

The RehApp team

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