We Assist People

We Assist People

September 12, 2019
Huib Cornielje
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Helping people with disabilities towards finding employment, with the help of Job Placement Coaches, trained by Enablement and TLMM

Thanks to our Job Placement Coaches (JPCs) in Myanmar people with a disability get a chance to find a job. JPCs are the link between people with disabilities (and their social network) seeking for a job and potential employers (and the co-workers). Their aim is to find a suitable match and establish a sustainable relationship between the different parties so that people with disabilities become employed.

To achieve this objective, the JPCs undertakes the following steps: I) assessment or intake; (II) sensitisation and/or advocacy; (III) matching and placement; and (IV) coaching and follow-up. These steps are reflected in the figure below, visualising the ultimate handshake when both the employer and the client are satisfied with the match. These steps are converted into a two-weeks training for JPCs, provided by Enablement in close collaboration with the Leprosy Mission Myanmar (TLMM). The objectives of the training were to: ‚Äč

  1. Enable trainees to understand the barriers that people with disabilities face in work and employment;
  2. Help trainees to build skills in finding (creative) solutions for challenges faced by people with disabilities;
  3. Ensure that trainees will have the competences to work as job placement coach for and with people with disabilities.

In February 2018 a total of 15 JPCs have been trained. We expect them to be able to get about 35 people with disabilities employed within a period of 2 years. This would mean that about 525 people will receive support towards becoming employed.

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