Knowledge centre

Enablement is the knowledge centre of the Liliane Foundation since 2014. The aim of this partnership is to advise and support Liliane Foundation in adopting CBR and disability inclusive development in all its 29 partner countries.

Capacity development West Africa

In 2015 we therefore started a pilot capacity building trajectory with the strategic partner organisations of the Liliane Foundation in West-Africa. We are excited about the results of the first phase of this pilot that included 4 Anglophone and 4 Francophone countries. This phase consisted of:

  • kick-off workshop in Ghana to enhance the knowledge and generate commitment of directors and programme managers to adopt CBR in their countries.
  • training workshop in Benin to train programme managers and coordinators on the contemporary practices of CBR and inclusive development.
  • An review of annual plans that incorporate strategies to roll out CBR and inclusive development in the respective countries.

The second phase of this pilot trajectory will comprise the design of a linking and learning platform that aims to build capacity of staff engaged in CBR and inclusive development, from management to fieldworker level. Besides organisation-wide human resource development, we will offer country-specific coaching and training.

Capacity development Asia and East Africa

In 2015 we also facilitated a strategic workshop for 7 strategic partner organisations in the Asian region. CBR and Disability Inclusive Development are now incorporated in the multiannual strategic plans in the respective countries. In 2016 we will lead a similar capacity development trajectory in East Africa.


A poster about parenting children with a disability made for the Liliane Foundation


Advocacy Disability Rights Course

A manual for community based organisations


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